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  • On page 80 it says that the werewolf reached through the window of Constable Lander Neary's Dodge pick-up to get him. But on page 81 it says that the werewolf yanked him half out of the Ford pick-up he was sitting in.
  • Stephen King changes the werewolf's eye colour. In the January chapter on page 14 it says that it's yellow eyes gleamed. But from the July chapter, page 70, at the top, and throughout the rest of the book, the werewolf's eyes are green.
    Interesting detail: If you look at Berni Wrightson's pictures of the werewolf you can see that he has coloured the werewolf's eyes green on all the pictures.
  • In the September chapter it says that Elmer went for his rifle. But after shaking his wife off him he takes his gun instead. I know a rifle is a gun, but perhaps King meant something different.

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